Art in the Wild - FAQs

What are the natural materials we can use in our installation?

Stones, bark, leaves, saplings, clay, cotton, vines, dirt and fired clay are some of the materials people can use in creating their installation. We encourage over 80% of the art work be made of such materials. Some of “unnatural” materials would be plastic, steel, mirrors, iron. See page 7 of the application for a discussion of materials.

What is an installation?

An “Art In The Wild” installation could be one structure made from three large timbers, a series of objects hanging from a limb or a grouping of stone structures creating a design on the ground. Water sites will allow artists to create drifting art work.

Will there be help available to assist artists with the installation of their individual pieces?

Ultimately the responsibility of installation lies with the artist per page 7 of the Procedures/Rules. However, if an artist thinks he/she will need help installing their piece, he/she should indicate such a need in their proposal and what type of assistance is needed. The project coordinators will, to the best of their ability, assemble volunteer help based on the expressed need.