About Wildwood Park

It's nature up close and personal...and it's all here for you!

Tucked away in the rolling hills of south central Pennsylvania, Wildwood Park conveniently sits on the edge of suburbia and urban culture. Unique in its location on the outskirts of Harrisburg, the public park is a haven for countless species of flora and fauna natural to our area, some endangered.

There is no better place to bring the family for some quality time or a location for you to commune with nature. Enjoy the rambling trails around the lake that abounds with wildlife in a truly natural setting. Stroll along the boardwalks and breathe the fresh air as the sun sparkles through the trees.

Bring your camera to capture the picture perfect opportunities. Bird watchers find Wildwood Park to be a true haven to come and watch our feathered friends. Wildwood even has bird blinds!

Programs and special events held at the Nature Center are wonderful ways to have fun and learn something new...perfect home schooling opportunities.

We invite you to walk with us. Come and enjoy our surroundings. Join us in our love of nature and support our efforts to keep Wildwood Park a place where everyone can come and take pleasure in all we have to offer.

Wildwood Park and the Benjamin Olewine III Nature Center art part of the Dauphin County Parks and Recreation Department and supported by Friends of Wildwood.