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Help sponsor turtle research at Wildwood Park.

Your donation of $20 will make it possible for a microchip numbered PIT (Passive Integrated Transponder) tag to be safely implanted in turtles in Wildwood Lake. It supports study of the growth and development of turtles when they are recaptured at future intervals. Wildwood Park environmental educators with the support of the Friends of Wildwood are partnering with the biology department at Dickinson College, Carlisle, PA for this research.

As a donor you will receive a certificate, a PIT tag registration number and your turtle's species. You will be able to locate your PIT tag number on the Friends of Wildwood website when your turtle is recaptured for study and measurements. All turtles will be released back into Wildwood Lake.

Has Your Adopted Turtle Been Recaptured?

Wildwood Park's Turtle Project started in 2011, when 106 Eastern Painted and 6 Common Snapping Turtles were captured and tagged with PIT tags. Every spring and fall hoop nets are placed in the canal and checked daily. New turtles are tagged and recaptured turtles are measured to check for growth. If you adopted a turtle, you can check to see if your turtle has been recaptured.

*Permit Number 358 Type 1, Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission

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As a donor you will receive a certificate with the name(s) provided below.
If you are adopting more than one turtle, you may provide additional names, each name separated by a comma.

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