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Tucked away in the rolling hills of Central Pennsylvania, Wildwood Park is conveniently located on the edge of Harrisburg, PA.

There are endless opportunities for fun and adventure at Wildwood Park. Explore the Nature Center, walk the trails and boardwalks, ride your bike, pack a picnic lunch, watch the birds, check out the flowers and much more! There is fresh air and good times around every bend. Come and enjoy…it's fun and it's free!

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Trail & Bird Sighting Info


All trails and boardwalks are open.

August 29
Although summer is coming to a close, flowers are still blooming in abundance at Wildwood Park. Blooming along the North Boardwalk: Spotted Jewelweed, Common Dodder (parasitic plant that looks like orange silly string), Broad-leaved Arrowhead, Goldenrod sp., Ironweed, Great Lobelia, American Lotus, Stinging Nettle, and Tick Trefoil.

August 28
White berries are ripe on the poison ivy vines. Unlike humans, birds can eat them without an allergic reaction. 

August 26
Green-winged Teal and a Double Crested Cormorant were spotted at the south end of the lake.

August 19
The two Little Blue Herons left the south lobe of the lake after the rain last week. This morning, they are back.

August 15
American Lotus is still in bloom on Wildwood Lake. The best views are from the North Spillway, Towpath Trail, and the last bird blind on the North Boardwalk. 

August 14
This has been a good summer for snakes.
Eastern Garter Snakes and Northern Water Snakes are most commonly seen along the Towpath Trail, East Shore Trail, and both boardwalks. Black Rat Snakes are occasionally seen along the Towpath. The snake species that live in the park are not venomous.

August 8
Two immature Little Blue Herons have been seen in the south end of the lake. The white plumage of the immature birds makes them look similar to the Great Egret, but they are smaller, have a pale bill with a dark tip and yellow-green legs. 

August 1
Digger bees have started excavating holes in the soil at the edge of the Towpath Trail.  These solitary bees deposit an egg in each hole, along with some nectar and pollen, and then seal it with soil.